Don’t sweat the petty things…

And don’t pet the sweaty things.
     -Mike Carlson

Next to me is sitting a “Chronic Movie Forgetter” who has just informed me of that title. I’ve written about her before, under aliases such as “Rae,” “My Angel,” “My girlfriend,” etc…

I have to say that being here in close proximity with her… even when I’m not touching her, is simply infinitely better than being in Colorado, 1300 miles away. I can get used to the “Same state” idea :).

So I hope that explains my lack of posting. If not, try going a month without air, and then see how much you write when you get a three week break to breathe…

No, it didn’t make sense to me either.

And now, to bring you here to Michigan, I will quote what I hear in the room as fast as I can:

Luck going scribbling up certificate bolt buddy nature minded goal cheap do great. Posture minutes gotta be nice tyrant ambitious. Shy Monkish number inspected ten USA criminals are compulsive are different safe presents shows intent at no uuuhhh denture pearly plus bump mattress help odors.

And there you have it. Now you know what I know. Have a great new year, and don’t forget to forget about that new years resolution. After all… everybody’s doing it!

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