Internet Exploder

For those of you who don’t know about the nickname, When I refer to Internet Exploder, I am refering to the Windows browser “Internet Explorer.”

I am here to tell you why Internet Exploder is the single worst internet browser in existence.

The thing has quirks up the wazoo. I just spent several hours throwing HTML and CSS around like a frickin bouncy ball trying to get a simple CSS popup menu to work. Oh it worked right away in Firefox. But for IE I was copying and moving more text than I thought I had! Then, suddenlt, it worked! But I had a bunch of extra code around. One bit of extra code was a random menu I had been using for testing. So I deleted it. The real menu (which was in a completely separate part of the code) suddenly stopped working. So I put the menu back and it started working again! I finally deleted the whole menu peice by peice until only the division labeled “menu” was left. So I deleted that and the real menu broke again. so I put it back.

I continued to slowly delete more extra stuff that I had added. Any time I would delete a large chunk of code, the menu would stop working, but if I deleted it one peice at a time, the menu would remain intact. Finally everything was gone except that extra division. I deleted it and the menu still worked. PEOPLE! THIS IS NOT NORMAL!

Then I had another page that was acting up with the menu. How did I fix it? By changing 2 blank lines in the code into 5 blank lines. Blank lines DON’T DO ANYTHING in HTML!!!! Yet somehow, Internet exploder thought otherwise. By the way, throughout all of this adding and deleting code, the menu never stopped working once in Firefox.

So Microsoft is basically retarted. Why, you ask? Because they force this faulty peice of internet crap on all of their users. Internet Exploder is now integrated into the operating system, meaning you can’t just go in and delete it. I heard that there is a way, but it’s not easy. Microsoft refuses to comply with the W3C CSS standards, and therefore puts out a browser that treats CSS differently than any other browser on the market. If IE didn’t come with Windows, or if Windows wasn’t the most widely used operating system in the world, then IE would have died a long time ago. It’s quite simply the worst, most poorly programmed peice of internet software in the world. Someone who actually cares needs to take over Microsoft and comply with globally recognized standards instead of trying to make up their own.

In short… if you use Internet Exploder, give programmers a break and switch to Firefox or some other standards compliant browser. The more users who abandon IE, the more proggrammers will be able to abandon it, until finally, Microsoft will be forced to comply with W3C standards.

Stand up for what’s right. Let your voice be heard.

Internet Explorer: The Bane of My Existence.

3 Responses to “Internet Exploder”

  1. Dustin Says:

    AMEN, man. AMENNNN.

    I say: screw IE. That’s precisely why I have “Too Cool for IE” badge that is on the bottom-right when displayed properly. 🙂

  2. Justin Says:

    I never know because Internet Explorer is all I’ve ever used, but I do get frustrated quiet often with it.
    Completely unrelated, but if you want some free tickets to the show on Saturday I’ve got a bunch of them… like seriously, a ton.

  3. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    YES!!! HAHA! I knew it!! I’ve had the same problem with the Youth Group blog in WordPress. I put avatars next to the main posts as well, and all is fine and dandy in Firefox, but IE has this nagging habit to screw everything up. I feel for you man. Oh, and why bother exterminating Microsoft when they are already working on that themselves?? I mean, with Vista coming out this winter, and IE 7 (Yes, the 7th entorcherment of the piece of explosive software) being released with it, and then Apple’s alignment with Intel to now run on the x86 lines, Microsoft should be in for a HUGE hit this year. GEEKS REJOICE!! WHOO HOO!! 🙂

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