To catch you up…

So, I haven’t posted in a week or so, and you know what that means! It’s time to play Steve – writes – a – really – long – post – about – all – the – stuff – he’s – done – this – week – and – uses – it – as – a – lame – excuse – for – not – posting!

Basically I’ve been doing the same thing I was doing when I wrote the last post: working on that stupid theme. Boy, I tell ya, popout menus aren’t exactly designed for compatability with older browsers. And when you do find a good popout menu, it’s in Javascript, which means that a good chunk of the people out there won’t be able to use it (I hate javascript).

I’ve also been working. We’re putting in floors at the house of an artist. He’s a really cool guy, very easy going, and quite hospitable. Not very computer-literate though. That’s where the fun comes in. He wants to sell a lot of his excess stuff (trust me… there’s a lot of it) on Ebay, but has no idea how. There are companies that will do it for you, but they shave off a percentage of the selling price. So when he learned that I knew what I was doing, he mentioned that he’d like to pay me a commission to help him sell his stuff. So instead of money, I’m thinking about asking for a painting/drawing instead. I’m pretty reluctant though, since I have no idea what he charges for his work, and I wouldn’t want to insult him by implying that his paintings are only worth a small favor. We’ll see.

This week at work, we had to prep the floor from hell. Seriously… it was no fun at all. Let me stop here to explain what I mean by “prep a floor”. We lay hardwood floors… people have other kinds of floors… we rip up their old floor, clean up the subfloor, then we can lay our wood floor. Got it? Ok, back to the story. So the kitchen was carpeted. By carpeted, I mean they used the stuff that they use on the floors of multi-purpose buildings… it’s all hard and gives nasty rugburns. I hate carpet. We then discover it’s glued down (I hate glue) to linoleum (I hate linoleum) which is glued (see above), nailed (seriously, who nails down linoleum?) and stapled (I hate stapes) to an OSB (I hate OSB) underlayment (I hate ripping up underlayment). It was rediculous, and quite mean if you ask me. Of course, it wasn’t the fault of our artist friend, ’cause it was like that when he moved in. Although I’d like the name and address of the previous owner…

Well, right now I’m trying to come up with a name for the new theme I’ve been spending so much time on. It’s a completely different idea than any other Stevish themes, so it needs a name to set it apart. The color scheme is green and it’s designed to be quick-loading (it uses 2 image files as opposed to the 14 that Stevish Got Class uses). I kinda wanted to do a play on words using a well-known “green” phrase. Something like “The Stevish is Always Greener on the other side of the fence.” But of course, that is way too long for a theme name. So if any of you have any ideas, I am open to them.

That’s it. Have fun, kids.

Ps. Ok, maybe that’s not it. I have to explain why I call everyone “kids” now and then. I’m not trying to degrade anyone, or put myself up on a pedestal. I simply know that deep down inside, everyone wants to be a kid (And at places like camp, they finally start acting like it). So here’s to the kid in all of us. Take a 10 minute break and do something childish, something immature, something… impractical.

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  1. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    …. I like acting like a kid… in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten out of Camp mode, if you know what I mean….. and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing….. 🙂

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