This is for all my Xanga readers:

Yes, my Xanga is updated for you because of my crossposter. Yes my crossposter is glitchy and will post a duplicate copy every time I edit a post. No, I don’t frickin care anymore. If you see a milion of one post, it’s because this is Stevish.com, not a Xanga. If Xanga is too troublesome it’s gone.

Thank you for your time

Ps. If you don’t want to deal with glitchy crap, then get a feedreader like BlogLines and subscribe to my real site.

Pps. Why am I so hostile toward Xanga? ‘Cause they don’t frickin care about me or any of you. Want proof? Send them a support message and pay close attention to the answer. It will be something to the effect of “I’m sorry you’re having trouble… you probably wouldn’t have so much trouble if you upgraded to premium. You should upgrade to premium, then buy it for all your friends, and then we still won’t help you, but there will be a bunch of useless features to distract you.”

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