The Lugnut that could

Once upon a time, there was a young chap,
Who loved to just study his grandfather’s map.
The map was quite brown from ages of use,
And let the boys imagination run loose.
Adventure was waiting to take him away,
To a place where the Sunshine was warm everyday.

Today on the map, he found a small lake,
and then looked in his pack to decide what to take:
A knife and some rope and a small roll of tape,
A sword and his sheild and his bright yellow cape.
“You can’t be too carefull,” he thought to himself,
As he took leather armor from the hall closet shelf.
He donned all his gear, and with map in hand,
He set off to conquer a far away land.

Across the border to Hayman, and along the East Platte,
The journey was long but the route was quite flat.
The trees were all small, and grass was bright green,
And the young boy could see miles and miles of this scene.
Though it was full of beauty, there was something wrong,
It was as if a foul curse had squelched this land’s song.

When he got to the lake, he liked what he saw,
And as shocked as he was, he stood there in awe,
Before his eyes laid, for better or worse,
An island which must not have suffered the curse,
The trees were so tall they reached to the sky,
The boy looked with wonder, and let out a sigh.
But then all at once, he thought of a plan,
And with sword, knife and rope, construction began.

Once he was done he looked down and saw
A beautiful raft, with a rudder and all.
He boarded his ship and set off to sea,
His cape flowed behind him, on the warm gentle breeze.

Once landfall was made, he knew what to do.
He planted his sheild as a flag, bright and true.
“For the lugnut!” he yelled, with a gleam in his eye,
Then turned to explore… the adventure was nigh.

And so it began, at morning’s first light,
And continued, of course, long into the night,
The boy found adventure wherever he went,
And a free day of fun is worth every cent.
So go ahead, do something childish and fun,
And when you find adventure… take it and run.

3 Responses to “The Lugnut that could”

  1. rae Says:

    maybe you should write childrens books….just a thought.

  2. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    I like those last few lines. Like ’em like a kid likes candy. And sugar. Just so they can annoy their counselor to the best of their ability. lol

  3. Justin Says:

    So… did you really do this? Can I come next time? It reminded me of when we went up in the mountains to the SW and we went sledding out onto the frozen lake.

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