One fine week

Thank God for Friday. The week is finally over. This weeks job was not one that made me smile and think about puppies. What’s that? You want me to tell you all about it? Ok.

It all began when my boss said “Remember our job in Divide?” This was a bad sign right away. Divide is not exactly an easy morning commute from Northern Colorado Springs. It took a good hour to get out there. “Well this job is in Florissant… which is about a half hour past Divide.” Happy day.

So already I have to put in an 11 hour day to make 8 hours of pay, which doesn’t really make me easy to please. Plus we’re subbing (basically working under a bigger company meaning less pay and little or no contact with the actual customer), and we’re correcting a job that another crew already screwed up (we get called in for a lot of that kind of work), and we’ve never seen the house and we’re taking their word on everything.

With all that information it couldn’t get much worse, right? Wrong. Lemme back up. We get to the store we’re working for to get directions, etc, and ask a few questions. “Is it new construction?” (We don’t like new construction usually) “No, but nobody will be there.” (sweet!) “Is the furnace turned on?” (It was like 15 degrees out) “Yeah, of course” (good… I hate the cold). So then we drove to the house…

The house was in the process of being built (meaning new construction) there was another couple workers coming and going, and the furnace wasn’t even installed yet! And this house had an amazing design quality. You see… it’s designed specifically to not let any sun in the house… ever. FREEZING!!! But that’s ok, I like being lied to and finding out that anything that was good about a job is now bad. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate subbing?

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  1. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    Happy Days… that was a good series. (Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!!)

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