So I’m sitting at my computer waiting for my mom to be done on the phone so I can call Rachel back. I really miss her. I haven’t talked to her in like 10 minutes and I’m starting to get anxious.

Dad asked me today if I thought she was the one.
“So far, so good.”   😉

8 Responses to “Waitin’”

  1. rae Says:

    I guess we’re getting pretty good at waitin’ huh babe. Summers comin’ and we can’t stop it. Race ya! (I love you)

  2. Lisa Says:

    I got your letter today… very nice and professional!! 🙂 It will help me to remember to pray for you..

    No, I have not yet decided what I’m going to do about camp this summer. I’ll probably end up with one week at least, but I’m not really sure yet. I’m not sure how much I’ll be needed at home this summer, with my brothers out of school and my dad at work, etc.

  3. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    Hmmmm…. I’m wondering what that count-down on the left of your site is for… it goes to the end of March, but the work week isn’t until the 3rd (25 days.. I’m counting down to). And yes, I do plan on being there.
    Hmmmm… do you mind if I borrow the code for the counter-downer for my xanga? lol 🙂

  4. Josh Says:

    Steve, I would say that was pathetic but hey, I’m too happy for you.

  5. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    Oh. Now I get it. But it is also to Spring Break, and that’s good to. lol
    And I think I just might have the code. All you have is the countdown.js file and the lines in the HTML, right? (No need to ask how I managed to dig these off your server… even though it is really simple.) Now just to have something to count down to… Ah!! The work week. lol Maybe the staff training as well…
    See you ’round. Like a donut. But not like a Long John. Even though those are good. 😎 (I like my Xanga smilie…)

  6. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    All right. Thanks for the help. Now I’m off to sleep. Yesss!! 😎

  7. The Hammer Says:

    Congratulations, Steve.

  8. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    grrrr… I don’t like Xanga as much anymore. I had to put the script in my header instead of referencing a file, and then it won’t even count once it loads. oh well. 😎

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