The other day, I watched the pilot and first two episodes of a series called Firefly. The verdict: I haven’t watched nearly enough. It was AWESOME.

Then yesterday I found out that the show had been cancelled (either after the first season or part way through it). That is disturbing news! How could a show that rocks my socks off get cancelled? Maybe I’m the only one that thinks it rocks… wrong! I’ve only ever heard good things about it. I haven’t even heard a story about anyone who knew somebody who thought it wasn’t that great. I mean… the show is phenominal! If you haven’t seen it, go rent the DVD with the pilot and first two episodes. You won’t be disappointed.

Alright, I’m done.

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  1. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    Yeah… I had the same feelings about Complete Savages. Such a good show and it gets canceled. Oh well.

    Oh, and I finally completed the color conversion from green to blue for The Old Blue Van. I used GIMP to get the colors from the originals. GIMP is awesome. 🙂

    My next project is going to be to clean up the avatars, and then to make the site as XHTML valid as I can. That’ll be easy, right Steve? lol 😎

    (Oh, and what just happened to the site? Did the server crash or something??)

  2. erika Says:

    Hey Steve, how are you doing? I heard that the show was good, Justin and I will most definately rent it. -Erika Bovee

  3. Benson Says:

    YOU WATCHED SOME AT MY HOUSE! I have tried to bring you to the light of FireFly before, yet you were hesitant, now you know!
    And behold I bring you titings of great joy which shall be to all geekdom….. SEASON 2!
    Inquire within.

  4. Stevish Says:

    Dude, you tried to bring me in in the middle of a season! That’s no way to grab somebody! Show me the pilot so I know what’s going on. New Sci-Fi shows intimidate me. You know why Stargate Atlantis is the only one I like? I saw the pilot. I know the basis for the show. Seeing a show without having the background is just… meh.

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