John Cage

So I was working on a puzzle over at Lateral Puzzles when I stumbled across an amazing article about John Cage, an expiramental composer.

Apparently, this guy is known for his very non-traditional approach to writing music. He has a song called “4’33,” which consists of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence, all meticulously notated (The idea of this peice was for the listener to listen to the music around them).

But he’s really outdone himself on this one. He wrote a peice (Well, I wouldn’t call it just a peice) called “ASLSP,” which is currently being played in an abandoned Buchardi church in Halberstadt, eastern Germany. The reason I know that it’s being played when you read this, is because the song is 639 years long! Yeah!

The song is being played on an organ that is being specifically built for this task. They just keep adding pipes as they need them. The notes are held down by weights.

So, when do you think the CD will come out? If I could download the song, I would! So sometime I want to go to Germany and listen to part of the song… like when they change chords or something… that’d be exciting 😀

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  1. Leonie Says:

    wow. that’s cool- i didn’t even know that…and i am living in Germany 🙂
    well now i know where i have to stop by if I ever get close to that town.

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