Rachel and I got done watching the whole first season of Firefly this morning. So tonight we watched Serenity. It is equally as amazing. However, if you are going to watch the movie thinking you have it all figured out because you practically have every episode in season one memorized… you’re wrong. I was confused for the entire first half of the movie. But it all came together and was true to season one.

So go out and Buy Season one of Firefly and Serenity, and watch them until your eyes fall out. Or, if you’ll listen to the words of Rachel, instead of mine… “Yeah, it’s pretty good. You should watch it.” Whichever you choose, know that it’s highly recommended by the Stevish and a few of his friends.

I must say that seeing Serenity before watching Firefly can spoil some of the excitement and mystery of the series. But if you don’t plan on ever watching the series, fear not, because the movie is great even all by itself. It’s just a little better with the series as background.

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