A lot to say

It seems that lately I have not only been too lazy to post, but I have also been too busy. Today was a prime example of too busy. I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll start right about… there:

Have you ever been bike riding in Colorado? I have. I don’t think I like it anymore. Let me back up a little. So I took Aiko in… shoot, I’d better back up all the way.

Ever since I blew that tire out, there have been several things on my list of stuff to do this week. Namely register Aiko (Since her temp tags expired yesterday), and get the busted tire replaced.

First on the list was registration. Everyone knows that when you go to the DMV (Or County clerk, or wherever you have to go to register vehicles in your state), you usually plan on waiting around for an hour or two. So I gave myself plenty of time so I could run down to the junkyard before it closed. I walked in to the DMV around 12:30. I walked out, license plates in hand, at 12:35. Yes, both of those times are PM on the same day. 5 minutes! I’m pretty sure I set a new world record. In fact, I’m afraid that they’ll check their records and find out how quickly I got in and out of there. As soon as they do, I’m sure they’ll call me back and have me stand in line for an hour. Then I’ll be free to go.

The next thing on my agenda was to replace the busted tire. And as most of you know, you can’t buy just one. It’s always best to replace two or four tires at a time, because you want them to wear out evenly. Well, when I bought Aiko, her tires were practically brand new. So I didn’t want to replace a nearly new tire. Whatever was I to do?

I’ll tell you what I was to do. Actually, I’ll go a step above that and tell you what I did. I went to the junkyard and pick up an extra rim. Then when I bought the new tires, I had them installed on the busted tire’s rim and the “new” rim. Then the nearly new tire became my brand new full-sized spare. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, my car now has a full-sized spare. No more driving around with that embarassing “donut” that won’t let me drive more than 50 mph and is only good for 3,000 miles. I am now a high roller. 🙂

So I proceeded to drop off my car at the tire shop. My dad came with me to give me a ride home. While at home, I got the package for Rachel, and wanted to send it off before the post office closed (It was 4:30 by then). The real problem there is that nobody was home anymore.

So now we finally get back to the part about the bike ride 🙂

It had been quite a while since I’d been on a bike. But no worries, it all came back to me. It’s like riding a bike, you never really forget. But you do, however, get out of shape. And I was. And as I mentioned before, I live in Colorado where there are no flat surfaces. Right near my house (conveniently placed between me and the post office) is a very large, mean, and otherwise unpleasant hill. Luckily, I was still fresh when I got to it… the first time. It was also moslty downhill to the post office. The trip back left my thighs so stiff I was never quite sure if I’d be able to take the next step without doing a faceplant into my beautiful but unforgiving hardwood floor.

I also gave Aiko a much needed bath today. So now she’s squeeky clean, with two brand new tires (which were rotated to the front), and shiny new license plates. It was a good day for Aiko.

Tomorrow I take care of a little unsettled business I have with the IRS. And from the lines in the post office today, I know I’m not the only one who waited until the last minute to settle up. Everybody loves tax day.

And now for a list of things I’ve learned lately:

  • You can cause a hotdog to explode in only 23 seconds if it’s the only thing in the microwave.
  • You cannot remove a tire from a rim by prying with a tire iron… that will only serve to bend the rim and make it useless.
  • Colorado Springs does have a ghetto… you just can’t tell until you go into the houses.
  • There are people who just shouldn’t be allowed to have hardwood floors… like the ones who don’t discipline or clean up after their dogs.
  • Best Buy will let you exchange something after the 30 days if it is defective.
  • Back windows on Suburbans do not take kindly to being introduced to mailboxes, and may crumble.
  • Some bikers have extremely good form when riding past you with their middle finger extended.
  • If you’re hired by the Mordino family to kill Mr. Salvatore, and you join the Salvatore family instead, Mr. Mordino will not pay you, even if you eventually do kill Mr. Salvatore.
  • When you wash a car with a power washer, but decide to use a cloth too (just to get the stubborn stuff off), you’d better make sure to rub down the whole car, or you’ll see the spots you missed.

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  1. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    Wow… *still in shock about 5 minutes*… You should submit that to The Guinness Book of World Records. 😎

    And what is this story of a Suburban’s back window?? 😛

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