I talked to her on the phone tonight. If you want to call it that. We didn’t say much. I was preoccupied. It’s not that I would rather be playing a game than talking to her… it’s that I would have two annoyed people to deal with if I just stopped playing in the middle. I do love her… it’s just hard sometimes to show it without completely sacrificing all my friendships here. And when I finally can talk… she’s asleep. I hat long distance. I am starting to develop a personal hatred for each and every one of the 1,294 miles inbetween me and her. I care about little else right now than eliminating that gap.

3 Responses to “Gap”

  1. rae Says:

    I don’t want you to sacrifice friendships there, especially not THOSE two!

  2. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    Ok… I can’t believe I just noticed this, but you blink on your Xanga profile pic. Kinda creepy…. only kinda though. 😛

  3. thisonemoment Says:

    Hang in there, it can’t last forever. I only say that because it’s true, I don’t mete out optimistic mumbo-jumbo!

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