Wake up and Smell the Website

It’s been a long couple days, but I finally released the new Staff Fellowship site to the public! Well, kinda. It’s a bit of an exclusive forum, but I still expect people to join who I don’t know.

Staff Fellowship is my replacement site for “Whatsupkids,” and is for any and all Ao-Wa-Kiya staff and highschool campers to be able to keep in touch during the off-season. If you’ve attended Ao-Wa-Kiya, feel free to register at Staff-Fellowship.com.

It’s a big load off my shoulders having this thing out. The last couple days have been filled with me purchasing a hosting plan and the domain name, registering the DNS, tweaking the forum, changing addresses and the like for the new server, setting up E-mail forwarding… There’s a lot that goes into starting a site like this. I hope it’ll be worth it this time (That means tell all your camp friends about it).

As for the future of whatsupkids… I’ll probably delete it eventually. The new site has all the features of the old, plus much much more. It’s a lot more user friendly too. I, for one, will be much more interested in visiting this site than I was for the last one.

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