In a cabin in a wood….

A little old man by the window stood,
Saw a rabbit… ok, enough of that.

So I’ve been living in a cabin in the mountains for the past week, and will be again for the next week. No internet, no friends, no… well… internet. Call me an addict, but most of my business and entertainment takes place on the internet.

We’re building a deck… and I’m still not sure if we’ll be able to finish by the time I leave for Michigan (in which case, they’ll have to finish without me). We have all the footers in place, and about half of the framing done. We should finish framing in about two days, then we have to put the TREX on. After that, we just have to put the railing in place, which, thankfully, will be pre-assembled.

So… it’s not looking like I’ll be able to leave early, but you never know.

Quote of the week:
In the midst of the construction site, where we had already destroyed most of the landscape and plant life.

Awww, it’s a lil’ tree… OWWWW!!!! It’s a POKEY little tree!!!”
(You’ll have to excuse him… he’s from Wisconsin where trees and bushes normally don’t bite. I’m from Texas where if it grows, it has thorns)

3 Responses to “In a cabin in a wood….”

  1. erika Says:

    hey steve,
    it sounds like you are having fun. Are you ready for camp? Tell Robert and Kritstie hi for us if you see them soon.

  2. John Ambrose (jma89) Says:

    Enough of what?!?! That’s a good song. (think of Rob Jordan’s motions…)

    And at least the trees at Camp don’t bite… well, most of them don’t. 😛

  3. thisonemoment Says:

    Ouch, definately enough of that. BTW, I’m not changing my Xanga, just my 3-year-old, leather-bound listener.

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