I arrived here at Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya at about 8:30 Sunday morning. It was quite a horrendous drive, but I made it. Among my lessons were “How to take a shower at a truck stop,” “Why we don’t bother looking for hotel rooms at 3am on Memorial Day weekend,” and “what happens at toll booths when you don’t have any cash (even when your mom reminded you when you left to stop at an ATM for cash)

As you can tell, I’ve found internet access. I will be staying in the Audio/Video room here at camp, since it is being replaced in the new building. So this room had no purpose untill I made it the bedroom of the first single intern. And also, it already had a phone line running into it! So basically, I should be able to get on the internet on a nightly basis. The downside, as stated, is that I’m using dial-up, and it is quite slow. But I am still quite pleased that I get to use the internet at all.

I spent most of the weekend either building bunk beds, installing boat docks, or hanging out with Rachel. I spent all of Tuesday in Jackson where she is living. That was a lot of fun. It was nice finally meeting all the people and seeing all the places she kept talking about.

Well, It’s been a long day, and I need to hit the sack. I’ll probably be able to keep in touch, so go ahead and :emailme:, and I should be able to get back to you in a timely fashion.

4 Responses to “Arrived!”

  1. TJ Says:

    you can thanks me for that phone line i installed that last year cause i needed internet in that room for something. ok i plan on being up there this weekend to fix my quad and do other stuff ok 🙂

  2. jma89 (John Ambrose Says:

    Heh heh.. Steve is living in the Secret Underground Layer!! (And don’t go erasing that white board. There are some memories on there man.)

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hmm, sounds like you have some fun stories that would be interesting to hear sometime… and I also heard that you converted to country music on your journey!! I was talking to Rachel last night and she said you wanted to come to Birthday Bash with us, and I was thinking “no way.. you have got to be kidding me.. wow that is beyond sad and pititful if he wants to come just to be with Rachel!!” hehe 🙂 And I just happen to have an extra ticket, so this is great! But still.. I’m still amazed.. now we just have to keep working on Dusty.. 😉

  4. onemoment Says:

    horrendous is a powerful word, friend.
    have a nice summer!

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