Yeah, so I had a Myspace account to keep up with all my friends who had them, but I’ve decided to do that no longer.

Why? I’m glad you asked! Because I’m sick of seeing half naked women all over the screen! Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an issue with lust and I do not need any more temptations or stumbling blocks.

For those of you Christian guys who use “MyPornSpace,” why? Why would you subject yourself to that? And girls… think about your weak male brothers who get on myspace to read your entries and messages… do you realize what you’re getting them into?

I am not, by any means, saying that you are wrong or evil if you use myspace… I just want you to think about it before you use it again… think about the weaker brother.

There you have it. The Stevish is officially boycotting MyPornSpace, because he doesn’t want to look at all those images.

5 Responses to “My(porn)Space”

  1. jma89 (John Ambrose) Says:

    AMEN brothah!! Preach it! 😎

    (Oh, and now Xanga has a ratings system, and you can flag other’s sites for stuff like, oh, say, pg-13, r, or even x-rated content. Then choose your level of allowed viewing. (Mine is G, just in case you were wondering.))

  2. Rae Says:

    so I love you.

  3. idigak Says:

    …yeah…i’ve been pondering on the same train of thought. not sure exactly what i’m gonna do about it though.
    thanks 4 your encouragement though…

  4. rachel bennett Says:

    Way to recognize a stumbling block and get the heck away from it!

  5. kimberly white Says:


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