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So, I don’t post often. Especially at camp. Though there are many stories to be told, there is no energy with which to tell it. Also, for some reason, I feel like all my posts must be long, clever, and/or entertaining. So this one’s for people who don’t read blogs for entertainment, but to keep up with their friends… aka, my friends.

I’ve been running the zipline lately. Basically that means sending 200 elementary kids down a 670 foot zipline that most are afraid of, and listening to their counselors tell them that “this fear is from Satan” and “we need to kick the devil’s butt!” And that just bugs me, because, first of all the fear is not from Satan. The fear is that kid’s body saying “If you jump off of a 30 foot tower, you’re going to KILL yourself! So don’t do it!” It’s a perfectly normal, healthy fear and it’s not a spiritual battle. I mean I can understand that God is part of every area in our lives and He can help you overcome those types of fears, but He never promised us He would. Fear is part of life and it is not a weakness or lack of faith. I will always be afraid of cars on the highway, and unless there is someone in danger of death, I will not run out in front of one.

Can ya tell I’m not very fond of people who over-spiritualize things? Well… what did I expect, this camp group is from a Charismatic church, and they tend to be that way. I just pray that these kids are saved, and not just here so that someone can hit them on the forehead and say they’re “Slain in the Spirit.”

Ok, I’m done… I guess this turned into a rant. Have fun, kids.

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  1. jma89 (John Ambrose Says:

    Rant or humor, it’s a good post. (And a very important point was made as well.)

  2. MikER, the Says:

    Yes I concurs with your not liking overspiritualizing people. In one sense it’s taking God’s name in vain: pretty much making God say whatever they want–putting words in His mouth. Know what I mean?

    Take care, friend!

  3. A True Worshiper Says:

    My parents like to do that, overspiritualize. They say things like ‘in the bible children lived with their parents until they got married.’ Which is true, however in many cases they lived with their parents after they got married, they married at around 12 or 13 years old. Also in the bible, polygamy, murder, castration, many marvelous things like that. People seem to just not get it. The bible is for instruction, the whole thing is not the law, and the best example you can find anywhere is Christ. Live how He lived, don’t push your morals on people which is what I see many Christians do, love people! Serve people. Show them who God is ONLY by your actions because your words are likely to kill people. (Personal experience)

  4. thisonemoment Says:

    Rants are good. Rants are an emotional outlet, and are usually quite honest expressions of your thoughts. Rants can do good. I think I shall proclaim this National Rant-Out-Loud week.
    Actually, this is a Ranting Nation, we don’t have any shortage of rants, or any inhibitions in that line. Just a shortage of useful rants…

  5. rb Says:

    Yeah, that’s annoying.

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