Ok, I’m going to try to update everyone that reads this on everything that’s happened in the past couple weeks, in as few words as possible.

Life at camp is very busy, but for the most part, it’s a good busy. I am on maintenance this week, and I have decided I really like it. It’s a lot of little tasks that I can work through from start to finish. I really feel like I can accomplish stuff. So far we’ve fixed a fan (twice), fixed several screens, installed countless ceiling tiles as well as the grid that holds them up, installed 4 handicap rails and 2 toilet paper dispensers in the handicap stalls, fixed a floating dock, filled two basketball hoop assemblies with sand, set up volleyball poles, cut 40 2X6X2′ boards, fixed a drain, repaired several light fixtures, rebuilt a stair, and solved several imaginary problems. There’s more, but I got tired of writing. Basically, I like it… a lot.

Ao-Wa-Kiya is planning to hire a full time maintenance person to live here and take care of camp year round. When I first heard about the job I didn’t think I’d be any good for it, but I think that if they’re willing to hire a younger guy with less experience, that I could definitely do this. So I will be applying for that position. Chances are that I won’t get it, but I know that whatever God wills is what will happen… I just want to be willing.

Rachel and I are doing well. Camp is a fairly unique place for a relationship to develop, so it’s been anything but normal.

I have been the waterfront director for the past three weeks, and will probably stay in that position for the rest of the summer. It adds a little stress to Wednesday (beach day), but is not too hard of a responsibility.

I got a beard trimmer! I was pretty excited about it. Now I can trim my beard instead of just chopping it off all the time.

Ok, sorry this hasn’t been entertaining… I just wanted to fill you all in. I’ll shoot for entertaining later.

Have fun, and don’t run on the dock.

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  1. Erin & Ana Says:

    Hay whatz ^?

    We had a lot of fun with our team AIN’T GOT ONE (Nope)!!!
    Hope to see u next year. 🙂

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