And Then She Said…

So yesterday I went on a date with Rachel. We had an adventure, just going wherever our little hearts desired. That’s when I hit her with the suprise…

I took her to a waterfowl observation tower that we found on our first date. We had both forgotten where it was, and she wanted to go back sometime, so Mike Deen and I found it (via this site), and I took her there.

Then I opened the car doors, and cranked up a CD I had made. It started with two swing songs that we danced to, followed by her favorite song ever (Making Memories of Us, by Keith Urban), which we slow danced to. Then as the CD went on to a long silent track, I sang her the song I wrote for her.

The last verse of the song I wrote (entitled “I wanna be Pathetic with You”) went like so:

I want to be with you forever,
I’ll stay with you through all we see,
So now I have a question to ask you…

Then I got down on one knee, opened the ring case (which had a ring in it) and asked her to marry me… And then she said yes!

So I am engaged to be married! As far as a date, we’re looking at next Summer, either early June or before, or late August or after (Basically not during youth camp). And so far it looks like we’ll be doing it right here on the shores of Stony Lake, at camp Ao-Wa-Kiya.

Ok… that’s it.

11 Responses to “And Then She Said…”

  1. BeN Says:

    congrats man and good luck i was with girls 2nite and have to say rach is a lil pumped about the whole thing. if you need anything im here for you man i mean ??what are campers for rite??

  2. Cheryl Coffin Says:

    CONGRATS STEVEN! Got your letter yesterday, checked your site tonight…..and now you’re engaged!

  3. rae Says:

    hi baby. Soooo, whatchya doin next summer? Wanna get married? ; )

  4. Josh Says:

    Hey Steve,
    Got your message. I was at youth group at the time, wish I could have talked with you. Congrats my friend. I truly hope I can make it over there for it (if I’m invited lol). I will try to call you soon so we can talk more.

  5. rachel bennett Says:

    I’m so excited for you guys!

  6. Leonie Says:


  7. Angey Says:

    that is so sweet. I’m very excited for you 🙂 Wow, I’m getting married in 5 days! 🙂 I would say go for August after camp… but then again I’m partial to August. June would make for a very good setting though too 🙂 Congrats! and I’m really happy for you two!

  8. A True Worshiper Says:

    I’m SO happy for you guys! Congratulations! I was watching The Village the other day and of all things my mind settled on the love story in the movie and I was thinking about how powerful love is. And then I followed that train of thought to how God is love and if that’s only one of God’s attributes/qualities, how amazing is our God!!?? Wow. It’s cool to think about.

  9. Jessica Green Says:

    Congratulations! Here’s wishing you the best for a happy engagement and wonderful years thereafter.

  10. lizabu Says:

    Congrats!!!! that’s so awesome- i have to say from experience that camp is a great place to find a spouse!

  11. thisonemoment Says:

    Congratulations, Steve! That’s just great 🙂

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