Update… Right!

So I realize I’ve been neglecting nearly everyone in my life that’s not here in Michigan. So I figure the least I can do is offer you an update of what’s going on in my life (even though most of the people who read this are in Michigan…).

Camp / Internship
Yes, I’m still in Michigan and yes, I’m still doing that internship thing at that one place (It’s called Ao-Wa-Kiya). The main difference between the summer and now is that I am not living at camp anymore. I’m living in Grandville with TJ. I am still going up to camp twice per week though (Thursdays and weekends) to keep up with everything that needs to be done there as the camping season comes to a close. There are still retreats and camping weekends happening just about every weekend from now until the end of November I think, so there’s plenty to do.

My internship is still moving along smoothly, and I am learning a lot. Last weekend I got to help Pastor Bill print two envelopes, and one flyer, fold the flyer, and stuff it and the smaller envelope into the bigger envelope… 4,000 times (the camp mailing list is Huge). It’s things like that that make me feel like I’m really a part of the administration at camp, because this is what really happens, folks. Administration at an all-volunteer camp is no bed of roses… It involves a lot of grunt work like scrubbing toilets, serving food, washing dishes, and getting papercuts. These families have really been putting a lot into this place for a long time, so don’t under-appreciate them.

As far as support, I have received just over half of the money I had hoped to live on. My current total is $2,210 in support from individuals, plus a $1,000 scholarship check from the camp, for working all summer (they have a scholarship program for students who volunteer for the summer, and decided to apply that to internships too). Right now I am struggling with the decision of whether to send out another support request, or to trust that God will provide what I need with no further assistance from me.

My home is now in Grandville, Michigan, and I’m settling in nicely. TJ has chosen to support my internship by giving me a free place to live here in town (which enables me to get involved in a local church). So it’s been fun to shop and get my own food and decide what I’m going to eat (besides Ramen of course), and all that jazz. I have sliced Pineapple. And Pears. It’s all very exciting to me.

Being angaged is awesome. I love being able to talk about all the stuff I was only allowed to dream about before. And now we’re planning it all out and it’s becoming more of a reality in my mind. I am going to marry her… and we are going to live together… ’till death parts us. The wedding plans are coming along nicely. We have a photographer and videographer, figured out the attendants, booked the place (for the cerimony and reception), booked the minister, Got the rings and a dress… and probably more, but I’m tired of listing. Basically we’re moving right along, and it’s good to be in love.

More to come I’m sure…

His Truly,

4 Responses to “Update… Right!”

  1. jma89 (John Ambrose) Says:

    So now that you’re on high-speed you’ll be updating more often, right? lol

    Yeah, so our Youth Pastor, PT, has thought of letting the Seniors (such as myself) plan the All Nighter coming up here in November. Guess what idea I had! We get up to Camp and go zip-lining at midnight! Obviously this requires a bit of a fee and some planning, so I was wondering if you had the numbers for doing something like that. Just wondering!

    And don’t get too many paper cuts: They can interfere with your ability to type. 😛

  2. jma89 (John Ambrose) Says:

    That’s what I was thinking, but putting it in writing makes it a little more viable to happen. 😎

  3. Angey Says:

    It’s really good to hear the the plans are coming along nicely! That was one of the many blessings that Aron and I had as well… God had everything planned out for us and whenever we prayed about it, it fell into place. So when is the big day? I’m really excited for you. Married life is awesome!!!

  4. rae Says:

    it’s a m a z i n g to be in love…

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