The most retarded thing

It was an innocent Thanksgiving day. I was with Rachel’s extended family, just hanging out at the house. Some of the people were browsing through ads for the day-after-Thanksgiving sales, so I picked up one for Staples. Immediately I found some unbeatable deals on some cool electronics and decided I had to go to this sale. The sale started at 6am.

Now, what I’m about to tell you… I still have no idea why I did it. It was just… well, I’ll tell ya.

Some of the girls got really excited as one of them talked about a nearby outlet mall that was opening at midnight. That’s right… stinkin midnight. The sale went from 12-6am. Now don’t ask me why, but I agreed to go along with them. It was The Most Retarded Thing I’ve Ever Done.

The roads were backed up on to the interstate. It was probably about 2 miles of stop and go traffic, just to get to the parking lot where, of course, there were no empty spots. A few of us got out of the car while on the interstate, and walked to the mall. Needless to say, we got there before the cars did.

Then at the mall, there were huge lined for every register in every store. After a couple hours, the fire marshalls showed up because many of the stores were way over capacity. So the people had to wait in line outside the store in the freezing cold. You think that made some of them go home? Yeah, I didn’t either.

We walked around for about 4 and a half hours, before we went to meet everyone else. 45 minutes later we actually left. To make the rest of the long story shorter, we ended up at Staples 20 minutes after they openned. They were sold out of the one thing I had wanted the most. However, I was able to get one thing that I wanted.

End result: 7 hours of shopping. 1 item purchased. Doesn’t really seem worth it…

4 Responses to “The most retarded thing”

  1. jma89 (John Ambrose) Says:

    Congratulations, my friend. You have experienced that great thing in our culture called “Black Friday.” 😛

  2. Lisa Says:

    yep, I slept in and went to Goodwill that day… now THERE’S a good place to go shopping on Black Friday.. everybody else is at other stores waiting in long lines!

  3. Stevish Says:

    Heh, and I bet you got better deals than most anyone else to, Lisa.

  4. Bryan Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I waited in line for the PS3 for 3 days….. and I want a Wii more then a PS3 now…..

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