Time Started: Approximately Noon, December 11th

Project: A simple program that creates a gift exchange list (who gives a gift to whom)

Time ended: Approximately 11:00pm, December 12th

Yeah. All in all I spent about 12 hours on this monstrosity, but it finally works, and I know a lot more about arrays than I did before I started. I recall a certain post in which I refered to php as the Paranoia/Hysteria Project because yes, it really was that annoying to me.

But by now, of course, I’ve matured. My outlook on php is more rational, and my skill has increased a hundredfold. So why then have I brought up this memory? Why is this post titled and structured exactly the same as my very first post? Ok, ok, I’ve been remeniscing. Remennissing. Reminicing. Rhemmennissing… Is there supposed to be a Q in there somewhere? Reme… I’ve been reliving some memories. But I digress.

I really got on here to tell you about my program, and how much I hate arrays. Yes, chalk up another thing that Steve thought he knew, but really had no clue about (Rachel… write it down). 12 hours!!!

Apparently, there are tons of commands and functions that can be used to manipulate and otherwise make use of an array (Because let’s face it, an array by itself is like a lovesick man on a romantic date… by himself). Of all those functions and commands, only one did what I needed it to do. Of that one command I needed, exactly zero (0) worked on my servers. It’s like the people who design this language got together with the people who host my website and said “Listen, we made up these commands so our stuff would look usefull, but now this guy’s actually going to try to USE it! We’re going to need you to not update your servers to php 5 so that he can’t do that.”

Oh but it’s all better now. Now I have a jumble of neatly tabbed but messily written code that is somehow holding together and, more suprisingly, spitting out the results I asked it for! So without further adue, I give you the program.

Didja try to click that? Yeah, it really looks like a link doesn’t it? It’s not. I can’t give you the link to the code yet because that domain is still off-limits to the public. But don’t worry, as soon as I can get with some clients about their websites, I’ll get you a link lickety split. Wow, I am genuinely amazed at the plethora of ‘li’s in the end of that sentence.

Ok, fine I’ll stop making you read. Just do me a favor and comment or something or I might just write an even longer post in a juvenile attempt to get the attention of my peers.

Ps. did I mention that the program is written in php? Why, you ask? Because that’s the only languge I know, silly.

5 Responses to “Success!!!”

  1. IDigAK Says:

    sorry for being a stalker-reader for so long. i guess i can say i’ve been keeping up…i just suck at leaving comments! hehe…i’ll try to do better!


  2. BeN Says:

    so you made it work… wow

  3. John Ambrose Says:

    Nice. Nice. Now, does it utilize databases or no?

    Oh, and ROCK ON BASIC!! 😛 😎

  4. Stevish Says:

    No databases… I didn’t need them. The output info is completely temporary. It only exists long enough to send it to your browser then *poof*

  5. John Ambrose Says:

    Ohhh… That’s no fun. You don’t get to share in the SQL headaches. 😛

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