Links Galore!

Yes! It’s time for the grand unveiling! Boy do I have a lot to show you guys!

I’ll start with the links I told you about first, the three sites I’ve been working on:

Check out the picture in the upper left corner of the Bennett Bulletin… then hit refresh. It’s on a randomizer. How many pictures can you find?

Now for some stuff that has been keeping me busy since I finished those sites (as much as I’ll ever be “finished” I guess). That gift exchange program is at Basically, it will generate a “who gives to who” list for a gift exchange (much like drawing names from a hat). Except this program includes groups so that nobody in group 1 will give to anyone else in group 1. It’s mainly for large groups that include families and/or couples, so that those people who spend their whole lives together are assured of giving to someone else this Christmas. This program can be pretty server intensive, so you can play around with it for a little while, but don’t get too carried away, please.

And now my most recent development… remember my rail baron destinator? Well, I’ve upgraded it, and now it calculates payoff charts too! It’s at If you play Rail Baron, you know about the annoyances of “rolling for destination” and looking up your payoff on that huge chart. This program does it all for you. It even preserves the probabilities of each region/city being selected. It’s just like playing with the dice. Play around all you want with this program, and let me know if you find any errors. There was a lot of raw data to use in the files for it, and I had to add most of it by hand. In fact… that program was nearly entirely written by hand.

Ok, that’s a lot of links. Here they are again:

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