Christmas in December

Ummm… did I mention that I’m going home to Colorado? Like, today? Well I am. I’m leaving in an hour. Rachel’s coming with me.

I’m going home for “Christmas” which we will be having on the 17th. Hopefully I’ll have time to see everyone before heading home on Wednesday the 20th.

Oh, and to the people at home… who’s up for a game of Rail Baron??

5 Responses to “Christmas in December”

  1. Josh Says:

    Hope you have a great Christmas bud! Talk to you soon I hope.

  2. John Ambrose Says:

    Your site doesn’t validate! (It’s a post that does it though.. :-P)

    Oh, and you know what to do about pop-out menu not working in IE. Could you take a look-see for me? I just got it to take the hover over the entire box. Thanks! 😎

  3. John Ambrose Says:

    Hey! Don’t you DARE count me a spam again! lol

  4. John Ambrose Says:

    (Err.. I just commented before that and I think it got nuked… hehehe)

  5. John Ambrose Says:

    YAY!! I did it! I got both the vertical and horizontal menus to work!! Here are the addresses in that order:




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