Binary Flooring

Get ready for some flooring stories… That’s right, I’m installing another floor. The situation is a little different than usual though. This time I’m… in charge. Pretty cool, eh? No, not scary. I said “Cool.” Also, the job site is approximately 3 steps from my bedroom, on the other side of the duplex. This is definitely gonna be different.

It’s a bamboo floor, horizontal orientation, 5/8 by 3-7/8 boards… If any of that means anything to you. Anyways, we’ve been working on it for two days, and I gotta say, I am pleased with our progress. I thought TJ and I would be substantially slower than my dad and I, since I am out of practice, and he has never installed a wood floor before. Not to mention the fact that my dad is usually there for the tough questions. But, contrary to my predictions, we are way ahead of schedule. We’re actually right on the verge of outworking our supplies. Tomorrow we can only work a half day because we have to have the stair nose in order to lay the last section of floor. Basically, we’re awesome.

In other news, my favorite fiancee bought me a binary clock for Christmas. It’s pretty much the coolest gift ever. It can even display in 24 hour mode! I’m pretty happy about it.

7 Responses to “Binary Flooring”

  1. IDigAK Says:

    i had the priviledge of laying laminate flooring for my mom in her kitchen to cover up the linoleum from the 70’s that still graced the floor…thankfully my bro-in-law was there with his experience….but i’ve yet to get those transitions in! …and it’s been a month since i last worked on it! grr…

  2. Stevish Says:

    Yeah, those transitions will get ya every time

  3. John Ambrose Says:

    Binary clock.. Hmmmm…. I’m kinda wanting to see a pic of this clock…

  4. Josh Says:

    Steve, when is the CO reception again. I’m doing all I can to make it. And if I do, I will have a date! lol

  5. Mr. Green Says:

    Yeah, I’m with John, I want to see a picture. I think I saw one in a magazine or something, but I want to see yours.

    By the way (way off topic that is), I’m looking at this site in IE 7, which I also hate. Apparently, they “fixed” some issues, making my hacks counter productive, so I had to fix On the bright side, if you type [hardwood colorado springs] (without the brackets of course), It’s the yellowpages, then!

  6. Stevish Says:

    That’s cool about google! Plus, if you look it up on Google maps, Hardwood Cafe is result number “G”

  7. Simon Says:

    I work in the flooring industry and bamboo is getting more poular each year. If anyone needs advice on how to lay it fell free to contact me.

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