Life comes at you fast

Right now, my life is going along splendidly! I have a Fiance who loves me, whom I will marry in 94 days, my car and tooth are fixed for a fraction of what I thought it would cost, I have a good credit score, I actually worked again yesterday to put some more money in my pocket, I got a brand new cell phone that turned out to be fairly nice, I bought some accessories for it for next to nothing, and I get to go visit my friends at Frontier soon (Those of them that are still there that is)!

I have to say that my life is a near perfect contrast to my friend’s life, with one exception. Let me ‘splain… No, there is no time, let me sum up: He is living in Jerusalem, he had his carryon (including his laptop, PDA, and digital camera) stolen 3 weeks ago, and he’s coming home soon to find out that while his wife was out, their apartment was broken into and they took her laptop, PDA, digital camera, and ransacked the place. They could use your prayers I’m sure… their names are Henry and Darlene.

I said that our lives were near perfect contrasts with one exception. That is that they (and I) are giving glory to God as a result. The E-mail from Darlene, though full of bad news, had more to say about God’s goodness, love and protection than any other topic. Literally more than half the E-mail was Praising God. That kinda puts my life into perspective. I know it’s easy to praise Him for my situation now, but will I be able to praise Him with the same passion when my life hits rock bottom? I know I haven’t in the past.

Dear Lord, please teach me to be not only content in my every situation, but to lift You up in praise at all times, and in all things. Whether my life be good, bad or ugly, I pray that You would be my portion, and that I would bow and give You the devotion and praise You deserve. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  1. Leonie Says:

    great post! that is so true!

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