Well That Sucked

So if any of you ever thought absent-mindedness was harmless, you were wrong.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m forgetful. But it’s a whole new level of stupid when you are able to set a pot of oil on fire on the stove, without ever intending to cook anything. And then when the microwave and cabinets go up… that makes you feel that much more stupid.

At least I was able to get a fire extinguisher (from 2 doors down (The lady next door just stood in the window and wouldn’t come to the door)) and TJ was spraying down the cabinets in the meantime, keeping the fire from getting too much bigger.

You live, you learn, you screw up, you feel bad. So far so good.

Go here for pics.

7 Responses to “Well That Sucked”

  1. Lorelei Says:

    Too bad the chicken noodle soup and cans of corn weren’t over a little bit more… You would have at least had a nice soup prepared! 😀

    I guess I won’t complain about my home-improvement projects anymore. At least work being done on my house is by my choice, not by necessity.

    At least everyone is safe. That’s the important thing.

  2. BeN Says:

    lol… have to say steve thats cool i mean im glad everyone is ok and all will be well soon but really that is cool. but next time we cook something i am going to be in the other room… cya 2nite man

    Yeah… have you ever burnt up half your friend’s kitchen, endangering the lives of him, his parents, your friends and future wife because you did something stupid? Call me when you have. Otherwise, don’t try to make me feel better.


  3. rachel Says:

    It wasn’t cool ben. It wasn’t cool when TJ got second degree burns from his microwave melting on his hand. It wasn’t cool when TJ’s dad was put on oxygen cuz his lungs just couldn’t get past the smoke. It wasn’t cool everytime the love of my life and one of my best friends ran out of the front door sputtering and spitting, took a few breaths of smoke free air and then they’d go back in. It wasn’t cool, it was terrifying to look over from the neighbors driveway and the slider door was glowing this bright orange…not what I call cool.

  4. jma89 (John Ambrose) Says:

    Yikes… That has to be one of those life experiences that is better seens from a thrid-person standpoint…

    (And being the optimist I am I must mention how earthly things just don’t matter and are all replaceable… And I just can’t seem to make that sound good, so .. Yeah. You know what I’m trying to get at..)

  5. Benson Says:

    Hey steve, give me a call sometime man.

  6. BeN Says:

    really what is cool is that every one is ok no one got hurt i understand the fact that if someone got hurt it would have been really bad then cool wouldnt cut it. i used cool because this is one of those things youll tell youll tell people later or even your kids when telling them not to play with fire and you say mom and daddy could have been really hurt if not for their friend who got them out of the house. to which lil steve or lil rach will say so daddy was like a fireman … cool!!! im not trying to play the fire off as no big deal you have to uderstand it is im not trying to make anyone feel better because there is no need all im saying is that not everyone gets a moment like that when your face with a problem a big hot one at that and you stand strong. sorry if you got the wrong idea i know you were scared but you did what need to be done and your ok everything will be ok nothing that was priceless got hurt. but really i am sorry

  7. John Says:

    steve, just in case you aren’t already aware of this, i thought you’d appreciate being wished a happy “pi” day!

    3/14 1:59…ya know…


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