And it Wained… (3x)

Boy it’s wet.

It’s so wet, that it’s early afternoon here at camp, and I have nothing to do. We got all the inside stuff done, and all that’s left to do is… out there. We didn’t quit raking until hypothermia became a real possibility. I think we just want to be done with leaves, so we’re working hard on the last few spots. That’s right, we’re almost done with leaves! I’m so excited.

While I’m on the topic of rain… I’d just like to let you all know, that I am desperately in love with my Rachel, and miss her horribly.

37 days, 2 hours, 33 minutes and 12 seconds… I love you, Angel.

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  1. Lorelei Says:

    Rake ’em all up and I will jump in them!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! You’re almost at the “less than 1 month away” mark! Congrats!

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