Calling all Golf Carts

I just bought 2 Midland GXT635 Radios for camp this summer! And then, just in case I hadn’t been loose enough with my money, I ordered 2 headsets for them! I’m pretty excited. Hopefully these will work better than the last ones I got excited about (At least this time I can return them if I need to).

I was really tempted to get the surveillance (AKA Secret service style) headsets, so as to do Pastor Bill’s security or something, but they were just too expensive. But if anyone needs a good idea for a wedding gift…

Ugh, why do they make you charge them for 24 hours before using them for the first time… The wait is killing me!

Ok, I’m gonna go watch the “charging” light for a while.

4 Responses to “Calling all Golf Carts”

  1. Lorelei Says:

    How do you get a FCC license?

  2. idigak Says:

    lol…that’s too good. i can totally identify! i usually don’t let myself watch the little red light…cause if i did, i’m bound to take it out early! i just make sure that i put it on the charger at the right time so that i’ll be busy until it’s done…i.e. work, etc…

  3. Stevish Says:


    Got to and it will give you further info. A license, as far as I could tell, is 85 bucks for 5 years. I’m not licensed, so I can only use the lower-powered channels.

  4. jma89 (John Ambrose) Says:

    lol Nice, nice. If you get bored enough you can even make the little light into a series of three that go around in circles… 😛

    And I think the whole license thing is only for channels 1 through 7 and then 22 and up… I looked into it when I got my nice radio as well.

    Wait.. Did it say 22 MILES?!!? *hehehe* Those could be quite handy. 😀 😛

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