First Frost

Well, I just celebrated my second First Frost Day. It was pretty fun. Different than my first one, but it was still awesome. We got Egg Nog from WalMart and had that, Wassle (an amazing German drink that Justin made), and homemade donuts.

Well, this post was gonna be longer, but I just saw Bill Cosby live, so I’m gonna have to post about that now… bye!

2 Responses to “First Frost”

  1. John Ambrose Says:

    Frost?? What is that? We had 80 degree weather yesterday. It’s a nice 62 according to my weather docket thingy, but gotta say I prefer 80. 😀

    I’m just hoping to have some warm weather Saturday night for one last outdoor movie. 😎

  2. Lorelei Says:

    Is it “wassail”?

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