Giants 17, Patriots 14

Cheers rang out from all directions as I stood out on the back deck trying to hear my friend on the other end of the line. At the end of what looked to be a sure perfect season, the Patriots finally got what was coming to them: a loss. And in the Super Bowl no less.

So for a team with so much skill and experience, as well as a crowd of fans hoping for a perfect season, why did it seem like everyone was a Giants fan yesterday? As you may have guessed, I have a couple reasons for that.

  1. The Underdog Factor
    People love to cheer on the underdog. And why not? I mean, if you’re going for the team that’s expected to lose and they do, nobody’s gonna rub it in your nose. But if you cheer on the team with the advantage and they lose, you’ll never hear the end of it.
  2. Tom Brady
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Tom Brady is a good quarterback. But when announcers, commentators and sportswriters make him out to be a god, that’s where I draw the line. No matter what happened in the course of a game, the announcers always found a way to praise Tom Brady. Whether he threw a great pass, or a horrible one that went through a defenders hands only to be caught by Randy Moss, the announcers will say the same thing: “What a throw by Brady!” The man is good, but grossly overrated.
  3. Bill Belichick – The Patriots’ Coach
    Not really a people pleaser. His lack of respect for other teams’ efforts was at its peak when all he could say after the Super Bowl was “We’re disappointed.” I’ve seen so many interviews of losing coaches who basically say the same thing: “You know, the [insert other team name here] played really well, they came up with the big plays…” etc. But not a sore loser like Belichick. And remember that this is the coach who, when confronted about his teams’ cheating simply replied “It was a misunderstanding.” Absolutely no remorse.
  4. Eli Manning
    I feel like I don’t even have to say anything about this guy. What’s not to love? He’s a young guy, just starting his career, planning to marry his high school sweetheart. He began his career in the very impressive shadow of his older brother Peyton, and there’s no doubt that the hearts mothers everywhere went out to him, hoping he’d make his own name for himself. And how can you not empathize with Peyton up in that box, all alone, cheering for his little brother for all he’s worth. It’s so heartwarming it’s almost sickening.

I have to admit that the word “SUCKAS” escaped my lips more than once while watching the Giants put up such an amazing victory over the Patriots. I had been waiting for that loss since week 9 of the regular season, and was pleased that it came from the lowest-seeded team in the playoffs. The Giants fought hard, and earned every single point they put up this post-season, and my green-and-yellow, packer-loving hat is off to them. Well played, Giants. Enjoy the spotlight.

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