Well, folks, I just had a disheartening time on google. I looked up “Stevish” and found a whole lot of people that weren’t me. Soon enough, I’m gonna try to make a user on some site, and Stevish will be taken 🙁

When I first started this site, I could only find 3 or 4 stevish’s when I tried. Now they’re everywhere. Well, on the bright side, I already secured the domain name 🙂

4 Responses to “Stevish”

  1. Mr. Green Says:

    Didn’t I secure your domain? Actually, I think it was Jamie, she has all the great ideas! = )

  2. Mr. Green Says:

    Not that Stevish the name was her idea, but securing the domain because at that time I think you just had the email.

  3. Mr. Green Says:

    Oh and don’t feel so bad…I have a LOT of competition for Mr. Green

  4. Stevish Says:

    Yeah, but I used to be like the only Stevish.

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