Time to get Naked

That’s right, it’s coming up! Annual CSS Naked Day is April 5th, and it’s almost here!

CSS Naked day is an entire day devoted to promoting good basic web design practices. So on that day, web developers are encouraged to strip their websites of all CSS styling, and let their XHTML shine! The idea is that in order to celebrate the day, you have to be able to strip your site naked and not be embarrassed about what is there.

I will be celebrating by using a simple wordpress plugin (CSS Naked Day) to strip my website bare on the international, 48-hour holiday. I encourage you to come on back to stevish.com on April 5th (of every year) to check out my <body>.

2 Responses to “Time to get Naked”

  1. Dustin Diaz Says:

    Just FYI, the date has changed this year to the 9th. There is updated code on the site.
    Glad you’re getting nude with all of us 🙂

  2. Mr. Green Says:

    Yeah, I was about to let you know that it changed and you get a personal email from Dustin. 🙂

    You can sign up on his website if you haven’t already: http://naked.dustindiaz.com/

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