Why am I not Naked?

If you read my post about CSS Naked Day, you’re probably wondering why I have all my CSS on. Well, it turns out they moved it. CSS Naked day will now be celebrated on April 9th, so come back and celebrate with me then!

2 Responses to “Why am I not Naked?”

  1. jma89 Says:

    Oh Steeeeeeeeeeeeve:

    Your site isn’t XHTML valid. Sorry to let you know..


    This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!
    Result: Failed validation, 12 Errors

    Although after looking at the result it’s just a WordPress issue. They all relate to using & in URLs. So nothing to worry about.

    And please: Put some on your … 😛

  2. jma89 Says:

    That last line was:

    And please: Put some <style> on your <body> … 😛

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