Laptop Shop-Hop

This weekend (Memorial Day Weekend), Rachel and I are hitting the tech stores in search of the perfect laptop, compliments of the US government and the all-too-exciting economic stimulus package. It’s really mainly for Rachel, so that she can do more with her pictures, and have her own computer on which to do it… although I may be borrowing it from time to time for my own devious intents. 🙂

Both of us are very excited about this… and I just had to write about it. This is the first time I’ve ever shopped for a computer without simply looking for the cheapest one that wasn’t a piece of junk. Oh, and the best part… It’s gonna have 4GB of RAM! (For those who care, that’s about 21 times the size of the hard drive of the first family computer I coded on).

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  1. Justin Says:

    Coooooool….. laptops are so cooool. No but seriously, they really are. Good for you guys, and good for Rachel for moving forward with what she wants to do.

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