Good Hands

Oh, hi everyone! What are you doing here? Blog? OH! My blog! Right… I kinda forgot about it. Sorry about that. But I do have something to write about now.

Allstate car insurance. Their catch phrase is “Are you in good hands?” implying that their customers are. Now I can’t vouch for how they treat their customers, but I can imagine that the service is amazing. I assume this because of the service I just received.

A little history: I got rear ended pretty lightly by a guy who is insured by Allstate. No one was hurt, and the only damage to my car was a small barely noticeable crack in the plastic bumper cover. The wreck was on a Friday.

The next Monday Allstate calls me (as opposed to the other way around) and has me set up an appointment to have my car looked at. The appointment was set for 8AM on the next Monday. I gave myself 30 minutes to get to the place since I hadn’t been there before, but it only took me 15, so I was 15 minutes early, and the sign on the door said the place didn’t open until 8. Well, the adjuster was there, and he told me to come in and sit down. After 15 minutes and about 3 or 4 questions and answers, I was driving away with a check for $435.57. Awesome. And if the bill for the repairs happens to be more than that for some reason, I just ask the mechanic to fill out a fax form that the Allstate guy gave me, and have them send it in, and Allstate will work it out directly with them. No hassle.

Now, I don’t plan on spending that much money to repair such a little thing, so it’s money in the bank. I was very pleased by how smooth the process was, and how quickly I got money for it. So if you want a few hundred bucks with no work or hassle, get hit by somebody who has Allstate.

2 Responses to “Good Hands”

  1. justin Says:

    I’m telling.
    Sometimes those slogans really prove to be absolute horse poo. Like Comcast’s slogan, “Demand More!”
    Yeah, how about I demand that you at least make my stupid service work correctly?!

  2. justin Says:

    btw, uh…. do you know where I can find a plug in for my blog that will e-mail people when there’s new posts?

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