Old Testament

So as I was reading Leviticus 14-15 this morning, learning all about the ceremonial laws concerning leprosy and “bodily discharges” (a kinda gross topic), I couldn’t help but think: So what can I glean from this passage? Surely this stuff isn’t directly applicable to my life, and I’ve never been one to squeeze out an application where there was none (ie. this verse talks about atonement, and has 11 words, averaging 5 letters each… so that means that I should pray for 5 people at 11:00 today). So of course this brought me to “What’s the point?”

Well, in my own finite and flawed mind, all I could come up with is “Familiarity.” We read and study the Old Testament to become familiar with Gods laws and Jewish culture, which brings about a better understanding of those parts of scripture that have active applications.

Plus, knowing what God spoke as law can help us to understand what God thinks is important. And regardless of whether or not that law is still in effect, it helps us to understand His character, which helps us to make decisions about things that aren’t directly addressed in scripture.

So go ahead… break out that Bible and read a nice lengthy chunk of Leviticus.

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