Grace in Leviticus

Yeah, I was surprised too.

I think that everyone (myself included) seems to think that the Old Testament is full of laws and legalism, and that Grace only came after Christ died. Well after reading today in Leviticus, I’ve decided to read the rest of the OT from a new perspective: One of grace. I’m going to search my little portions of scripture each morning for how God’s grace is evident.

In particular I’m talking about Leviticus 25, where God hands down the law of the Year of Jubilee. Talk about grace! If you’re down and out and have to sell yourself into slavery, just wait until the 50th year, and everything gets reset. How’s that for security! All the land you’ve sold comes right back to you and everything. This is an idea of government that really beats welfare and unemployment benefits. What a great way for God to keep all his people fed while still keeping them honest (if it’s the 49th year, and someone wants to sell you a field, you know you’re only renting it for a year, and you’ll pay accordingly).

I just thought that was a cool example of God’s gracious love for His people, even in the midst of the book of laws and regulations.

2 Responses to “Grace in Leviticus”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Many people have that misconception, but in reality God’s standards/teachings/laws are only there for our benefit. If a whole nation were to live according to those standards, think about what a nation that would be!

  2. Stevish Says:

    Yeah… what a wonderful nation indeed! One abiding by God’s laws and holding dear His commandments. Oh that I could live in a nation like that.

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