So a few weeks ago I got into a discussion with a couple guys at school about how we needed a good nearly-literal Bible translation with no verse numbers in it. I looked around and couldn’t find anything other than the old KJV (which is great if you know that language).

So I decided I’d download the NET Bible eBook and take the verse numbers out myself. It took me a little while to get started, but with some new understandings about how ePub’s worked, and the right free software, I was able to get it done lickety-split!

I thought man, it’d be great to be able to distribute this but upon checking, that would be a violation of the copyright on the NET Bible. However, after reading further, I found out that their heart was to not get in the way of ministry, and their copyright only existed because they had some issues with how public domain Bibles were being used, and wanted to avoid that. So I sent an E-mail out asking for permission to distribute my little “reader’s edition” of the NET Bible (I basically just removed verse numbers, chapter headings, and paragraph headings). 17 minutes later, the Executive Director (One David Austin) at E-mailed me back saying I had permission to provide the free download! It’s the first time I’ve had any official kind of permission for anything!

So download it already! If you don’t have an E-reader you could use it on your computer (try Calibre). It’s great for reading through large chunks of scripture or reading a smaller chunk over and over again for study.

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  1. Josh B Says:

    Nice going Steve!

  2. Tim Says:

    Very cool!

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