Destinator/Payoff Chart for Rail Baron

Destination Payoff

Then click "GO" to Destinate.

Your Destination is:


This destination was chosen using numbers generated by:
Learn more about how I generate the random numbers

Payoff will appear here.

Select the Departure and Arrival Cities and click "GO":


 Set Payoff Multiplier (0.00-50.00)    

Mobile Version

Try the mobile friendly version. Actually, it's a much better version even on desktop (just resize your browser window to be tall and skinny). It keeps around 45 region rolls and 15 city rolls per region stored on your device, and fetches new rolls from the server in the background. So, if the internet is spotty, you can go a long time with no connection and still not have your game interrupted. I have not made the multiplier available on the mobile version, but I don't know anyone who actually used that anyways.

What is the multiplier about?

We implemented the multiplier because we are searching for ways to make the game quicker and more competetive. By multiplying all the payoffs by 1.5 and allowing more chances to buy railroads, the game will end in fewer turns. The multiplier feild will accept numbers up to 50, but I assure you that numbers that high are completely unnecessary for real game play. I just figured that it's always fun to see how much you could make with such a high multiplier (ie. from Miami to Seattle, with a multiplier of 50, you would make $1,750,000, enough to buy every railroad and still win the game next time you make it home).


If you're looking for a hands-free payoff chart, check out this Alexa Skill.