Death to the World

On this stool I sit, low and ashamed,
Above all else, I’m to be blamed.
After God’s done so much, I still stray away,
I’m out of His word, and I’ve ceased to pray.
I stumble, I fall, I lose sight of Him,
When temptation strikes, I always give in.
What can I do? How can I be free?
I can’t do alone, what’s requested of me.
I’m weak and I’m weary, I cannot go on
This is my story, my sorrowful song.

Here’s what I need, to conquer this pain,
I need to invade and conquer sin’s reign,
This will take power, more than I know.
Enough to kill satan, with demons in tow.
The power I speak of, comes only from One,
The One who said “light”, and saw it was done.
The One with the grace, and power to save,
The One who has risen, and conquered the grave.
He is the One that puts sin in it’s place,
Who talks down to the devil and could spit in his face.
This is the One that will win my war,
This is my God, satan, hear him roar.

I’ve nothing to fear, no reason to hide,
Nothing can stop me when God’s on my side.
Sin has no power, it can’t hold me down,
‘Cause God took my burdens on pound after pound.
I know where I’m going, my salvation’s secure,
I’m going where I will be holy and pure.
Until the time that I face the gates of pearl,
I’ll live and proclaim “Death to the world”

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One Response to “Death to the World”

  1. Justin Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you wrote poetry!
    Cool. After the poetry section of my last literature class this is refreshing.

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