A Reflection of a Dream

The piercing sound of silence floods my restless ears,
The sharp and bitter cold freezes all my tears,
My tired legs have carried me for longer than they should,
I’ve an empty money pouch to match my tattered hood.

My foot finds naught for grip, my shoulder finds the ground,
My face lies on a rock, My heart too weak to pound.
I lie still on the ground as darkness quickly falls,
I close my eyes reluctant, and answer slumber’s call.

My eyes reopen slowly, as sun reveals its light,
And slowly I discover: What was wrong now is right.
My weakness and my pain no longer can I feel,
My tired legs have rested, my wounds are naught but healed.

The ground that was my grave, is now a snowy bed,
The rock that once was hard now softly holds my head.
The silence that once hurt now makes my heart serene,
I slowly rise to find this most amazing scene.

I’d fallen near a brook, its waters clear as glass,
The sky adorned with clouds who grace me as they pass.
The rising sun sheds beauty on all my eyes can see,
The mountain air is silent, and in its hand is peace.

As I stand and take this in, my heart regains its strength,
My wandering has been satisfied, my path has lost its length.
For now my weary soul has found the beauty that it sought,
The wonder of this awesome place has proved my faith in God

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