What’s inside me?

When time has ceased to take it’s course,
When accepting voices all grow hoarse,
When all that’s left is void of life,
And what’s sown in love is reaped in strife.
Where do I go to get away?
Where can I find a sunny day?
How do I fix what I can’t see?
Why revive what’s killing me?

I’ve fallen hard, I’ve hit the ground,
My enemy’s won, and secured my frown.
I can’t get up, it’s over now,
Yet still I live and breathe, somehow.
Through the darkness I hear a song,
But it’s too late, it’s waited too long.
The damage is done, I cannot win,
I’ve died to myself instead of my sin.

So what then? What will I do?
What will I try to make it through?
There’s nothing to try, my mind has gone,
Here in my cave is never dawn.
There should be something, a way to live,
It must be from someone with a gift to give.
A gift that’s bigger than what I know,
A gift that follows wherever I go.

I know that gift, I know it’s giver,
I know it’s leaves will never wither.
But somehow I don’t know how to claim,
That freedom that I’m supposed to gain.
So here I am, back at the start,
With my eyesight dark, and a heavy heart.
Trying to see the path before me,
And find out where I need to be.

February 7th, 2005

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