What Love Is (Revised)

What is this “love” thing you people are always talking about?

Love ain’t no fairy tale,
And it ain’t something you can only have in a bed.
Love ain’t just a guy-girl, huggy-kissy kinda thing.

Love is a completely selfless attitude.
Love is waiting for that last guy to show up before leaving for the concert.
Love is helping the geek pick up all the papers he spilled on the floor.
Love isn’t moaning about how much money Billy’s grandma gave him for Christmas,
And it isn’t bragging about how much money you got for Christmas.
Love is waiting for your parents to stop their conversation before asking to go to the mall.
Love is giving your food to your hungry friend before thinking about how hungry you are.
Love is not getting angry if some seniors push you around.
Love is forgetting about the past and chillin with the 7th grade bully who now has no friends.
Love is being dissapointed when the guys get together and toke up,
And jumping for joy when they decide to go to youth group.

Love is always protecting the geek from the bullies,
Always trusting that people mean what they say,
Always hoping for the best,
And always sticking with it when times are rough.

Love ain’t for you and it ain’t from you,
It comes from God and it’s meant to be given away.

Note to reader: Inspiration for this poem came from 1st Corinthians 13:4-7. Look it up when you get the chance.

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