Love Upside Down

Upside Down Heart

I lie here tonight and gaze at the sky,
Depressed, all alone, and wondering why.
I look up and see a break in the clouds,
revealing blue sky amidst all the shroud.
It’s shaped like a heart, and though strange it may seem,
the heart’s upside down, revealing this dream:

A heart is love’s symbol, and also its crown,
and shows us deep meaning when turned upside down.
What I see now confirms all my fears,
I see two drops of blood, or two painful tears.
Romantic love is more than a game,
for if this you play, you’re bound to have pain,
And not just yourelf, but the other as well,
for the twin drops I see, the future fortell.
Romantic love will always hurt,
So carefully you must determine the worth
Of the one you want to have in this game,
and decide if they’re worth the blood, sweat and pain.

So what of the clouds and my seeing the sky?
A symbol of hope from someone on high?
The hole that I saw, I’m saddened to say,
Was just a dark cloud, promising rain.
There’s no silver lining, there’s no happy end,
Love upside down is the loss of a friend.

So how do I solve this problem supreme,
And turn this deep nightmare into a dream?
I do what I know, my only relief,
I run long and hard to escape from my grief,
But wherever I go, love’s bite reaches me,
It hunts and attacks and destroys all I see.
Physical pain is only a ghost,
compared to what love does to its host.

So now here I am, at the end of the ride,
I have nowhere to go, I’m closed in on all sides.
I look to my left, and then to my right,
I’ve run and I’ve run, now there’s nowhere to hide.
I tried giving up, I tried being “Bad,”
But only delayed the problems I had.
I cannot go North, or South, East, or West,
I cannot go down, I cannot just rest.
There is one more thing, which I should have done first,
That’s to look up to God, before worse became worst.

So I lift up my eyes, and finally see,
that love can be perfect, and God is the key.
‘Cause God is the source of untainted love,
He proved it when He sent His Son from above.
Jesus came down and died for us all,
And showed us what love is once and for all.
Sure love takes work, all good things do,
But it always pours freely, from God, into you.

Romantic love is tainted; there is no cure,
But God’s love is always perfect and pure.
Somehow I knew about this all along,
But I was too busy singing sad songs.
But now that it’s clear, I’ve one thing to do,
I must trust in God, and walk with Him too.
He promised me, “All will work out for good,”
If I love Him and do what He tells me I should.
It may not be easy, it may not be free,
But it’s the least I can do after what He’s done for me.

April 7th, 2005

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24 Responses to “Love Upside Down”

  1. Ruth Abbott Says:

    Wow, I had a dream last nite of the heart upside down. I have been doing alot of spiritual work. Anyhow, I decided to look up the interpretation of the upside down heart. Your poem pretty much says exactly how I am feeling these days. So, thank you for the confirmation and sharing such a beautiful piece.
    God Bless,

  2. Alex Says:

    I really liked the poem, but i didn’t gave a dream about a heart upside down-it’s a birth mark. I only found this site because i was doing research on it. Anyways, again it was a deep poem and your poem described the way i sometimes feel these days. Thank you.


  3. Someone Says:

    really nice poem. I also have a birth mark that is in a form of an upside down heart. It’s pretty small but its on my chest near my actual heart.

  4. damien Says:

    damn that sucks i like the poem but theres a birthmark on the back of my neck that looks like an upside down heart

  5. oona Says:

    7th of april is my birthdate, also this poem is like a relief for it truely speaks of reality in the lessons of love. from above.

  6. Sortor Says:

    Awesome 😀

  7. Ryan Says:

    I came across this because I was smoking last night and I accidentally made a smoke ring and it formed into a distinct upside down heart and I just now thought of it and decided to look up what it meant because an upside down heart never ever occurred to me and thought it had to mean something and I came across this and it expressed exactly how I felt at this point while I feel these deep emotions. Thought I would share. Beautiful poem….

  8. Luis Says:

    You know whats funny today i was washing my hands and right before i turned off the water i saw an upside down heart. Now that i read your poem i realized Im afraid to hurt the one who i love. It seems like only yesterday i was just chilling with clouds but now that my head is out of those clouds i see the truth. Thank you for this poem…

  9. Agathe Says:

    I was also looking for the meaning after seeing a perfectly shaped upside down heart on the mountains where I live. I had never seen it before, until it was snowing and the snow revealed the heart.

  10. Luis Says:

    So man I showed some of freinds your poem now it is a chain mail your poem. Heh who know that most and all of my freinds would like your poem I cant say that Im surprise. Thanks to this poem of yours I have finally made a disition and I cant say I regret it hopefully it will all turn out fine. Your fan Luis siu

  11. Guru Says:

    I am able to read coffee grounds, but sometimes I am not sure about the meanings. two days ago I saw this in my coffee cup : a man’s face and behind him like a hook with a upside down heart. Reading your poem, I know now the meaning of the upside down heart, but what do you think about seeing the heart BEHIND of a person?
    Usually in coffee grounds what’s behind means it will be left behind, but I am not really sure. Any ideas? Thanks
    Great poem by the way.

  12. Sahara Says:

    I was painting a picture for my room of a heart but I wanted to turn it upside down to make it deeper , although I needed to now the meaning first . this was really deep . I might just turn it to the right though because it makes another statement to me : love right not wrong .

  13. zeytun Says:

    her guru can i get your email adress…i need some1 to read my coffee grounds

  14. emily Says:

    Just curious were you religious before you had this ‘epiphone’ of a poem? What moved you to write this?

  15. Stevish Says:

    Yes, I was already a Christian before I wrote the poem. I was going through a really hard time after a break-up, though, so I took out a pontoon boat (I was at a camp), put down anchor and laid there, staring at the sky, trying to make sense of it all. I did literally see the heart, and then this is what I came up with.

  16. anonymous Says:

    i had a dream about it. been wandering what it could mean. now, i got what it meant… thanks and stay blessed.

  17. Heather Says:

    This is a good poem. I went ro get xrays done on my neck due to an injury. Everything came back normal other then when she came back and she looked down my throat asking if i jad peicings in my throat. It seemed weird to me but she told me i had this upside down heart in my throat. She has me come look at it and even told another doctor to look becaise she had never seen anything like it before. I looked and it was really neat. It was very clear that it was an upside down heart because nothing was around it all it showed was the heart in my throat. I wonder what that could mean any ideas?

  18. Heather Says:

    Sorry for the misspelling im on a cell lol

  19. Cher Says:

    upside down hearts, are damned to walk alone.
    though the acid rain,and burn inside the fire.
    caught in the middle,of all this madness.
    feeling the world,come crashing down.
    left behind, and unwanted.
    feeling the sickness of the world.
    like posion running in my veins.
    what i thought was real,was only a lie.
    so tired and sore, of this reality.
    waiting forever in the dark,just to feel
    dead.some one hear me.someone save me.

  20. Cher Says:

    i have a upside down heart my self,so i wrote a song about it.

  21. Cher Says:

    it is like when i get close to someone i allways want to run.
    i hurt all the time.sad and i do sense evil and demons.
    i feel like i am damned and haunted.i just so sick of theses feelings all the time.up down around and round twisting everything inside me.
    i dont know what is real anymore.i just dont understand…

  22. Jessy Says:

    I have a freckle in the shape of an upside down heart, our days and nights, lifetimes and histories have been woven with pain caused by the feeling of separation from our holy father,access your higher self harness the highest frequency & join the powerful light that has known and loved you always, listen to the voice within and see the lies for what they are.

  23. Connie Says:

    After a snow storm my husband pulled our car across the street to clean off our driveway. When he backed it back into the driveway there was a patch of snow on the passenger side back window and in the snow was a perfect upside down heart. After a night of strong wind gusts I went out in the morning and it’s still there untouched. This year has started out pretty rough for my family with some serious health issues. I had to look up the meaning because I believe in getting signs from passed love ones.

  24. Cody Says:

    So this women I cannot help but to be interested in (whom I cannot have) asked me to do a favor and while doing the task at hand she had formed an upside down heart with the rubber piece I was going to use eventually… Thoughts please respond need more imput to further analize

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