A Rich Man’s Lament

“The rich young ruler, what an idiot.
He stood in front of Jesus and said,
‘I won’t leave my riches and follow you.’
If I was there, I would have done it”

As naive as I was, I beleived this was true,
“God I’d give everything to follow you”
So I waited and waited for God to call me,
All the while hoarding friends around me.
Little did I know, He was calling me then,
Saying “Leave everything for me, even your friends.”
My friends and my plans were what I held dear,
Never to leave them when the time came near.
I sought acceptance, and finally found it,
I didn’t want to leave it when the trumpets sounded.
For like the young ruler, I have great riches,
And I couldn’t leave them when called to be poor.

I pray now for courage to let it all go,
And also for strength when He tells me to go.
Now all I can do is wait, hope, and pray,
That He’ll send along friends when I go on my way.
But now I do realize more than before,
That God’s still beside me when friends are no more.

God help me to listen, and bow to your will.
I don’t want to follow my imperfect will.
For You are the way, the truth and the light,
And to follow You fully, I must travel light.
Lord, take my burdens, release me from sin,
Only then can I follow, so there I’ll begin.
Lord show me your will, and what I’m to do,
To best serve and worship and follow you.
In Jesus name I pray, and not before men,
God’s will be done in me, Amen.

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