Beautiful Sky

Laying in my Honda, sunroof open wide,
Staring, contemplating, gazing at the sky.
Hazy white and pink, with hints of orange and red,
It forecasts snowy days, and puts all doubt to rest.

Leaning on a tree, on a hill far from home,
The setting sun is comfort, to a man who’s forced to roam.
Like most beautiful of paintings, the sky brings peace and joy,
And best of all it’s free, to every girl and boy.

The autumn sky at sunrise: awesome, soft and cool,
The most amazing site, as precious as a jewel.
Softer than the unblemished skin of your true and only love.
The cool breeze flows past, more graceful than a dove.

The beauty of the sky, the pureness of its clouds,
Are sure to make you sigh, and make it’s Artist proud.
The heavens up above, the colors and the light,
Are signs from somewhere else, and Someone’s great delight.

No doubt these are works of God, Who created all we see,
Every fish and animal, every bird and tree.
But I don’t write to talk about the stuff He made,
I just want to let you know about the debt He paid.

Our God gave everything, to save us from our death,
To take and cast our sin as far as east is from the west.
He did it ’cause He loves us enough to come and die,
‘Cause to Him we’re more beautiful, than the most amazing sky.

Now every day He watches me, and guides me by the hand,
And follows me to catch me when I’m too weak to stand.
He walks through life beside me to be my loving friend,
When I’m hurting He’s my comfort, and He’ll be there ’till the end.

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