Talking with the Stars

Stars up above, shining so bright,
People on earth, holding me tight.
The love that I love, now abundant,
The love that I get, love that I’ve sent.
The stars in the sky, will one day be gone,
As will these friends, for whose love I long.

When will it end? Will I be alone?
The love I now have, will surely be gone.
I must find the true, everlasting love,
The one that remains, beyond my deep grave.
How will I find, what I cannot see?
How can I grasp, what is beyond me?

I will search high, and I will search low,
To find this great love, and lose this great woe.
It’s surely not here, not of this earth,
But something beyond death, life, and birth.
I look up to heaven, I search through the sky,
I notice the stars, as I start to cry.
“God, am I blind?” I cry out in fear.
Why should he listen? When will he hear?

Then softly I see, the stars talking back,
easing my pain, taking loads off my back.
“Your cries have been heard, your God is still here,
You need not to worry, you should have no fear.”
It finally hits, I’ve found what I’ve sought,
The love that I need, can never be bought.
It comes free of charge, from God up above,
It’s source is boundless, It’s God’s endless love.
He loves me so much, that I’ll never be free,
From endless forgiveness, from my God to me.
I bask in the feeling, that when death hits home,
I’ll still have my Father, and reap what He’s sown.
Until then I lie, and stare at the stars,
And I smile as I think, “How great thou art.”

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