Standing alone in all of it’s might,
The tree stands tall into the night.
It’s strength gives safety from wind and rain,
It’s grace gives support, to those in pain.
Though seasons come, and travellers go,
The tree remains, and continues to grow.
Up in its branches, the world is a haze,
So up to the heavens, I continue to gaze.
In the warmth of its leaves, no pain exists,
I’m reminded of God, and all of His gifts.

He’s always around, never forsaking,
His love is so deep, His hands never taking.
When up in His arms, the world is a blur,
He takes us away, we forget where we were.
He guides us and shows us where we have to be,
There’s no one as perfect or awesome as He.

My love for my savior, matched only by One,
The love from my Father, who gave up His Son.
He did this for me, and took all my blame,
So I could be with Him, and free from my shame.
To God up above, all credit is due,
And he deserves more than all I can do.
So all that I have, and all that I am,
I must let it go, and give it to Him.

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