Where the Clouds Play

Standing still, looking all around,
I could see for miles, but still I say:
All I wanted was standing next to me,
Holding my hand where the clouds play.

Freezing cold, but warm inside,
Midnight temperatures in the light of day,
Holding on tightly to what I need,
In her warm embrace where the clouds play.

An awesome view of beauty untold,
Two georgeous sights that compete, in a way,
The Rocky Mountains, or the love of my life?
Rachel won where the clouds play.

Life seems distant, and all is right,
The clouds dance beside us, on rock and clay,
Troubles fade and fear subsides.
Life is fun where the clouds play.

That mountain top means much to me,
I remember it well, when I kneel to pray,
I learned so much and now I know,
That God dictates where the clouds play.

I scan the playground that God created,
and think of Him who is my Stay.
It hits me then, that just maybe,
God plays too, where the clouds play.

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